Rich Semiconductor Capabilities Delivered On an Easy-To-Use Analytics Platform

dataPOWER VSF is a powerful yield analysis solution for IC producers featuring an intuitive interface, strong visualization capabilities and the ability to handle large data volumes. dataPOWER VSF is the result of a strategic alliance with TIBCO Software Inc., integrating TIBCO's Spotfire® analytics platform with PDF Solutions' dataPOWER database, mapping and analysis capabilities.

dataPOWER VSF helps engineers visualize large volumes of complex multivariate product and process data. This approach allows users to more rapidly gain insight into the outliers, trends and relationships that determine the key characteristics of cutting edge semiconductor products - all within the versatile, user-friendly Spotfire environment. dataPOWER VSF allows detailed and fast data retrieval, together with unparalleled ease-of-use for interactive visual analysis of sort, final test, bin, parametric, defect, metrology, equipment history, and other custom data classes.

The combination of Spotfire - the industry's fastest, user-driven analytics solution - with the application-specific expertise of dataPOWER, results in a unique, easy-to-use enterprise analytics platform accessible to casual users and experienced professionals. By extending a high degree of analytical power to a much broader audience of technical and managerial users, dataPOWER VSF increases the decision making power of the entire organization.


Drill-down from Bin map lot gallery to composite map & Parametric Fail Pareto for selected Lot(s)

  • Intuitive, powerful, graphical analysis environment: Spotfire's interactive, visual capabilities for data analysis empower individuals to easily see trends, patterns, outliers and unanticipated relationships in data with unprecedented speed and adaptability. It features multiple visualizations per page, dynamically linked with user-customizable drill-down and marking, and innovative graphical filtering.
  • Guided Analysis: embedded templates provide pre-formatted interactive graphical reports that help users get started quickly. These templates can be extended and customized easily so that any data investigator, not just power users, can get to root causes quickly and confidently.
  • Sophisticated semiconductor content: Spotfire users benefit from dataPOWER's rich semiconductor-specific analysis, such as full-featured bin maps, wafer maps, zonal analysis and equipment commonality analysis.
  • Fully integrated dataPOWER database: dataPOWER VSF is fully integrated with the dataPOWER database to capture, organize, consolidate and align data from all fabrication and testing processes. This enables quick and easy retrievals, correlation between data sources, and drill-down to tool data. The database empowers your engineers to spend their time interpreting results and lifts the burden of finding, merging, overlaying, summarizing and augmenting diverse data from multiple sources.
  • Multiple Data Access Options: data can be retrieved and merged from the dataPOWER database, client databases and files.
  • Automated, wide access to yield reports: dataPOWER VSF's web-based reporting tool, dpMonitor, automatically pushes reports out to all engineers and managers involved in yield management. Report generation and distribution can be scheduled or event triggered, with comprehensive HTML reports delivered via email throughout the organization.

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