Engineering Data Analysis

PDF Solutions' family of Engineering Data Analysis software products enable IC and Solar producers to rapidly identify losses due to problems in fabrication, test and design. Then, engineers and analysts can effectively drill-down to root causes and take quick actions to improve key performance metrics. These solutions feature a high-performance fully integrated database, the most comprehensive set of analysis engines available, intuitive easy-to-use interfaces for interactive analysis and a user-customizable automation and web reporting system. Our Engineering Data Analysis software products have been developed to span the spectrum of your user needs - from novice analysts to power users. Application of these products leads to higher, more stable yields and efficiencies, faster time-to-market, reduced scrap, more consistent, optimized test, better designs and increased engineering productivity.

Our product suite includes:

  • AnalysisReady™ Database: The dataPOWER® AnalysisReady™ Database is a highly optimized engineering database that integrates all semiconductor manufacturing and test data. It empowers your engineers to focus on interpreting results and reaching conclusions, removing from them the burden of finding, merging, overlaying, summarizing and augmenting diverse data from multiple sources.
  • dataPOWER® Database, Analysis and Reporting System: dataPOWER® is a powerful, comprehensive yield data analysis tool that enables IC producers to rapidly identify losses due to problems at design, fabrication and test - so they can take the informed actions necessary to improve yield. While it contains all the advanced methods required by power users, the Analysis Wizard, automated workFLOWs and dedicated reporting interface make this system quickly accessible to any user.
  • dataPOWER® VSF Database, Analysis and Reporting System: dataPOWER® VSF is the result of a strategic alliance with TIBCO Software Inc., integrating TIBCO's Spotfire® analytics platform with PDF Solutions' dataPOWER® database, mapping and analysis capabilities. It is a powerful yield analysis solution for IC producers, featuring an intuitive interface, strong visualization capabilities and the ability to handle large data volumes.
  • dP-Solar ™ Database, Analysis and Reporting System: Our dP-Solar™ efficiency management solution and its AnalysisReady® Database allow photovoltaic manufacturers to rapidly identify losses due to issues with processing steps, tools, materials, and other sources of variability, thus enabling immediate action to improve efficiency.

Clients competing in markets with high stakes, demanding schedules and aggressive targets turn to PDF Solutions because of our extensive experience and unparalleled track record in providing world-class software solutions.

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