Flat Panel Display

Flat panel manufacturers are facing critical challenges as their products become ubiquitous: lowering manufacturing costs while enhancing display efficiency, reducing power consumption and extending product lifetime. The flat panel manufacturing process is as competitive and complex as the semiconductor manufacturing process, sharing some of the same steps such as photolithography, chemical and physical vapor deposition, and dry etch. Learn how PDF Solutions can help you maximize your throughput, increase the quality and reliability of your product, and increase your profit.

  • Advanced Process and Equipment Control - mæstria® is a sophisticated fault detection and classification software solution that accurately detect and identify - in real time - process excursions and tool anomalies that arise in production.
  • Engineering Data Analysis - The dataPOWER® yield management solution and its AnalysisReady™ Database help flat panel display producers rapidly identify losses due to problems with processing steps, tools, materials, and other potential sources of yield loss. This enables immediate action to improve manufacturing operations.

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