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A software system for monitoring trace data generated by fab manufacturing equipment

ModelWare™ is a comprehensive software solution for monitoring trace data generated by fab manufacturing equipment. ModelWare® allows manufacturers to set limits and trigger alarms when tools are operating outside of their intended limits. This enables equipment operators and factory managers to decrease down-time for product manufacturing tools. Factories benefit from reduced wafer scrap and a reduced need to run non-product wafers to monitor tool performance.

  • Fab-wide common equipment monitoring environment - ModelWare™ links to almost all types of fab equipment based on a SECS/HSMS interface or other custom interface hardware. By linking to a wide range of complex fab tools, ModelWare™ enables limits and alarms to be managed in a common environment.
  • Trace data archiving - ModelWare™ maintains an archive of trace data for each equipment signal being monitored. This enables analysis and signal overlay comparisons.
  • Statistical analysis capabilities - ModelWare™ is capable of performing basic statistical analysis functions for reviewing time series data. In addition, ModelWare™ includes Universal Process Modeling (UPM). UPM allows correlated signals to be compared to test results for deviations among related signals.
  • Reporting capabilities - ModelWare™ enables centralized configuration of user reports to provide operators and managers with a dashboard-based view of factory tool performance. And system administration reports enable users to monitor the status of ModelWare™ data collection and processing.

ModelWare™ pioneered the market for software-based equipment monitoring in the semiconductor industry. The system has been installed in over 30 different factories worldwide, including semiconductor factories, flat panel display factories, and raw wafer production factories.

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