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Photovoltaic cell and module manufacturers have the opportunity to transform the way the world meets its growing energy demands. By harnessing the energy of the sun, this new breed of players in the global energy market has the power to provide a clean, environmentally friendly path to electricity generation. But the economics of solar are limiting the rate of its adoption. Manufacturers are racing to improve these economics by developing the technology and manufacturing systems that will enable more cost competitive photovoltaic systems.

Efficiency DistributionCost-per-watt goals remain aggressive for the industry and rely largely upon realizing significant benefits in the conversion efficiencies of cells and extracting more throughput from manufacturing lines.

Depending upon the maturity of the technology being pursued and the stage of factory ramp, manufacturers are seeking to either transfer a technology from the "lab to the fab" or they are seeking to improve their factory efficiency distribution. In either case, the mass production sources of efficiency loss are not yet well understood. PDF Solutions' EfficiencyAware™ Process Control System combines a physical understanding of the sources of efficiency loss with a software infrastructure that pulls in production data and tool signals for a statistical understanding of variability sources. The result is a system that is capable of identifying why some cells have much higher efficiency than other cells, despite being manufactured with the same technologies in the same factory. With this information, manufacturers are able to tune their operations and control their processes to produce higher value products. In addition, PDF offers FDC software and yield analysis software to meet the needs of photovoltaic manufacturers striving to borrow from the experience and expertise of their semiconductor brethren in capturing and analyzing critical manufacturing data.

  • Efficiency Aware Process Control: PDF Solutions' EfficiencyAware™ Process Control system controls manufacturing equipment to optimize for photovoltaic cell efficiency and factory throughput by building adaptive models that identify and link critical tool signals to efficiency loss mechanisms.
  • Advanced Process and Equipment Control: mæstria® is a sophisticated fault detection and classification software solution that accurately detect and identify - in real-time - process excursions and tool anomalies that arise during production.
  • Engineering Data Analysis: The dataPOWER® engineering data analysis system and its analysis-ready database allow photovoltaic manufacturers to rapidly identify losses due to processing steps, tools, materials, and other sources of variability, thus enabling immediate action to improve yield.

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