No more data wrangling or integration issues to slow you down. Quickly find the root cause of your next manufacturing or test operations problem that impacts your product yield, quality or time-to-market.

With the Exensio Analytics Platform, you have the industry’s leading big data platform to connect and analyze all of your semiconductor data, from manufacturing to test and assembly to in-field operations.

PDF Solutions Exensio Analytics platform provides data acquisition, normalization, semantic, big data cloud management, AI/ML, and data visualizations Powered by TIBCO®





Exensio IDM

Exensio IDM is tailored to the needs and requirements of companies that manufacture, test, assemble, and package all of their own products. It includes all four of our core modules: Manufacturing Analytics, Control Operations, Test Operations, and Assembly Operations.

With all of your product data at your fingertips there is virtually no question that you cannot ask of your data with Exensio IDM

Exensio Fabless

Exensio Fabless is our product for fabless semiconductor companies who design their devices but rely on OSATs for test, assembly and packaging. It includes the following three modules: Manufacturing Analytics, Test Operations, and Assembly Operations.

With Exensio Fabless, customers can implement powerful flows for outlier detection, escape prevention and adaptive test to maximize product quality and test efficiency and be the best semiconductor supplier to their end customers.

Exensio Foundry

Exensio Foundry is our product for pure-play foundries who are the foundation of the fabless supply chain, and provides them with a single point-of-truth for all of their manufacturing data and a powerful visualization environment to analyze their manufacturing operations. It includes the following two modules: Manufacturing Analytics and Process Control.

With support for all leading semiconductor equipment providers and over 24,000 semiconductor manufacturing machines worldwide managed by our Process Control module within their respective foundries, PDF Solutions is the industry leader in FDC and process control.

Exensio OSAT

Exensio OSAT is our product for Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test companies who are the close partners for the world’s fabless semiconductor companies. The product includes the following three modules: Process Control, Test Operations, and Assembly Operations.

Exensio OSAT enables any OSAT to provide transparency and visibility to their fabless customers which is becoming more essential in the era of Industry 4.0. As more fabless companies look to implement edge intelligence into their supply chains, OSATs that implement Exensio OSAT will have a distinct advantage versus their competitors for supporting advanced edge analytics.