Know What to Focus on Every Day

When in high volume production, product engineers are always worried about what can go wrong next. Using the dashboards in Exensio Fabless it is easy to see what the status is for any product and to drill down where necessary to understand what the issue may be.

In the example below, the product engineer is looking at device yield for multiple lots over the past several days. At any time the user can select one or more lots (indicated by the purple selection area) and drill down into those lots for more information such as which tester was used, retest counts and more.

Exensio Fabless tightens the connection between fabless semiconductor companies and their OSATs, creating a single point of truth for all of their product data. For most data analysis projects, it is estimated that 80% of engineering time is spent, just preparing data for analysis. By reducing that effort to zero, Exensio Fabless effectively provides a 5x boost in engineering productivity. Product engineers can now focus their time and energy on solving problems that improve yield and throughput, and zero time on low value tasks like data collection and management.


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