Hosting and Management Services

The Exensio Analytics Platform is architected to handle the large volumes of data that are generated by semiconductor manufacturing processes. This service assists customers by optimizing the setup, management, configuration, and performance tuning of their environment to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Exensio Analytics Platform.

Application Engineering Services

This service is to provide the technical expertise to resolve manufacturing production/process issues by rapidly identifying the root cause and making recommendations to solve the issue. Our extensive experience working with IDMs and foundries enable our engineers to work with your team to quickly pinpoint the cause of the issue and provide corrective steps to resolve the issue.

Expedited Feature Development

In some instances, customers may have an urgent need to accelerate the availability of product features and capabilities that are on the development roadmap. In these situations, PDF can work with the customer on a detailed plan to scope, document, develop, integrate, and test these accelerated capabilities, and then deploy and train the customer on the usage of the expedited features.

Manufacturing Tool Integration

PDF Solutions has integrated thousands of tools with our Process Control Module (formerly known as Exensio – Control) using both SECS/GEM and SEMI standards. Our services team can help you integrate any tool into your manufacturing environment quickly and accurately. These services are applicable to Exensio Foundry and Exensio IDM

YMS Integration and Monitoring

In many cases, customers need to integrate data from multiple sources into the Exensio Analytics Platform database. This service includes scoping the format and content of the data files to be integrated, defining the metadata associated with the raw data, creating ETL (extract-transform-load) flows to properly import data into the database, and more. Our engineers can also monitor the data loading process and maintain the integration environment to support any changes that may occur to the tools or data structures.

Test Operations Agent Development

This service is to help customers achieve a higher level of data quality in test operations by creating “agents” to talk to target test equipment and automating the interactions between the MES (manufacturing execution system) and a test cell. Agent development is fully scoped with the customer and is validated to be 100% compatible with the Exensio Test Operations Module (Formerly Exensio – Test).


This service helps customers achieve the maximum benefit from their use of the Exensio Analytics Platform. The training classes include the use of actual customer data (if desired) and is tailored based on use cases defined by the customer. Training classes can be held at a PDF Solutions office or at the customer site.

System Health Monitoring

The PDF Solutions Services Team provides proactive hardware, network, and system services monitoring to ensure that data is properly collected based on the customer’s requirements.