dataPOWER® Expert


Semiconductor Database, Analysis and Reporting System

dataPOWER Expert is a powerful, comprehensive yield data analysis tool that enables IC producers to rapidly identify losses due to problems at design, fabrication and test - so they can take informed actions to improve yield. While it contains all the advanced methods required by power users, the Analysis Wizard, automated Workflows and dedicated reporting interface make this system quickly accessible to any user.

dataPOWER's wide range of statistical analysis tools enables users to choose the perspective that captures the most value from fab and test. With its database-driven, comprehensive semiconductor analysis tool set, product and fab engineers can study the data from all possible angles, perform effective drill-down analysis to identify root causes and easily share the results with managers and peers throughout the entire organization.

Years of extensive collaboration with Integrated Device Manufacturers and Fabless producers, combined with PDF Solutions' technical expertise, results in unique, sophisticated analysis tools that address the specific yield challenges of this complex industry. Analysis capabilities include wafer mapping, wafer zonal analysis, descriptive statistics, product characterization, process capability studies, data mining, spatial bin signature analysis, bitmap, defectmap, yield and other semiconductor specific charts and reports.

With more than 10,000 users in about 60 companies worldwide, including top IDMs, foundries and fabless houses, dataPOWER is the most widely used yield data analysis system in the semiconductor industry.


Fail Pareto Workflow and Report results

  • Fully integrated database - The dataPOWER database captures, organizes, consolidates and aligns data from all fabrication and testing processes. This drives fast, easy data retrieval, correlation between data sources and drill-down to tool data.
  • Automated guided analysis to increase productivity - Database retrieval and analysis can be guided using the Analysis Wizard, greatly improving the accessibility of even the most advanced tools within dataPOWER. Additionally, all varieties of data retrievals and analyses can be easily automated in the dataPOWER workFLOW environment. This eliminates engineering time spent on repetitive tasks. Engineers can then easily share their best known analysis methods and make better use of their time, focusing on critical fixes for the issues that the analyses expose.
  • Automated, wide access to yield reports - dataPOWER's web-based reporting tool, dP-Monitor™, automatically pushes workFLOW reports out to all engineers and managers involved in yield management. Report generation and distribution can be scheduled or event triggered, with comprehensive HTML reports delivered via email throughout the organization.
  • Easy-to-use - The Analysis Wizard, automated workflows and dedicated reporting interface make the entire yield analysis environment quickly accessible to any user.
  • Scalable architecture: dataPOWER can easily grow with your needs. Data volume, performance, the number and location of users, can all be easily scaled with additional servers.

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