Intuitive, Real-Time Dashboards

Exensio OSAT support both offline and real-time data analysis. Both modes are essential depending on the objective of the engineer. In the example below, the dashboard is showing real-time data with the testers on the floor shown on the left side. The center image is a real-time touchdown map with the failing bins shown in red. On the right side the dashboard shows failing bin paretos, failing bins by site and site-to-site yield. Dashboards in Exensio OSAT are highly configurable and enable product engineers at OSATs to monitor products for quality and yield on behalf of their fabless customers.

Exensio OSAT enables any OSAT to provide transparency and visibility to their fabless customers which is becoming more essential in the era of Industry 4.0. As more fabless companies look to implement edge intelligence into their supply chains, OSATs that implement Exensio OSAT will have a distinct advantage versus their competitors for supporting advanced edge analytics.


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